Koh Phangan – Grant's version

I had a rather uneventful trip back to Dehli then Kolkata, but did learn how to play that strange card game those Indians are always busy with while they’re skiving off work. It’s actually quite fun but can last for hours – indefinitely actually.

Less than 24 hours after flighing into Bangkok I arrived on that lovely little island called Koh Phangan and found a nice beach called Coral Bay to stay for a few days. At that stage the courageous but naive Simon was planning to walk around the island so was waiting to hear from him via email. It’s was a really lovely quiet beach to stay at even though there was quite a few people there (apparently an influx of post fullmooners). Amazing sunsets and really good snorkling right outside my bungaloo too – people even longboated in from other beaches to go snorkling there – cool huh!

After much email tag I finally managed to track down Simon and head off to find him. When I got to the beach he was meant to be staying at he was nowhere to be found. The bungalow staff said he’d left that morning – ‘The bastard’ I thought. Soon afterwards I ran into Trent, a guy Simon had been hanging with on the island. It turned out the poor bugger was in hospital, so I planned a trip there the next day to see if he was ok. So I get the hospital the next morning and (you guessed it) he’s checked out already – what the? So I arrive back at the beach at who’s checked in to the bungalow beside me – the crookest looking monk i’ve ever seen. Simon with his shaven hair and orange blanket shivering on his bed, with a non-too-impressed look on his face, was quite a sight I assure you (the moment is gladly captured forever on camera). Turns out he got Dengue fever from a nasty little mossie while trekking near Chang Mai. I’m happy to say he’s all well now, but i’ll leave the fever story up to him to tell – it wont be too pleasant I imagine :-)

So while Si was on the mend I was left to get up late, read lots, sun bathe, go for the occassion swim, watch topless women wander around, eat and generally be lazy – it was tiring work I assure you.

But now we’re back it Bangkok and doing lots of shopping before we head to the UK – Simon’s even getting a fitted suit! We just ran into Al and Min (Simon’s friends) here last night which was cool. They’ve got interesting stories from their travels in China and Tibet – doesn’t sound like the most pleasant place to be right now but really interestng.

Getting pretty excited now – only two more days and we’ll be in London – wahoo!

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