McLeod Ganj

I’m really enjoying it up here in McLeod Ganj. Set high in the hills this small town is home of the Tibetan governmant in exhile and is swarming with an eclectic mix of monks, tourists, Tibetans and Indians. The Dalai Lama is coming back here in a few days and giving ten days of teachings at the nearby temple which sounds like it’ll be really good. Not sure what they’re about exactly but I’m sure it’ll be filled with wise words of peace and enlightenment – yum.

I’ve been prostituting myself around all the yoga centres here recently looking for something that’s right for me. Have just finished a short three day hatha yoga course (the full lotus position doesn’t even hurt anymore) and have now found what looks to be a really good meditation course. It’s called ‘Z-mediation’ and it’s with what seem to be really lovely people and it comes highly recommended by other travellers that I’ve meet. It’s a six day retreat so there’s no contact with the outside allowed – no talking either – yikes!

Because of this course and the upcoming techings from the Dalai Lama I’ve decided to stay in India a bit longer than originally planned. I plan to reach Bangkok on the 16th of August and then hopefully meet up with Si for some fun in the sun on Ko Pan Ngan. So bye for now, you’ll hear from me in six days!

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