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Multi-touch for the desktop?

It’s just a concept at this stage, but Clayton Miller’s 10/GUI project is getting people’s attention. It proposes a way multi-touch might work in the desktop scenario – detached from the screen, like a giant trackpad, or tablet.

It’s hard to see it working perfectly, or being as universally applicable as the trusty mouse, but there’s certainly some good ideas there, some I’m sure we’ll see one way or another in years to come.

10 thoughts on “Multi-touch for the desktop?

    1. Hi Sharon, yes you might be right. Please note that I have used UK/New Zealand spelling instead of US spelling in some of my games, so that too could be the reason you thought something was spelt incorrectly. If you let me know what the word(s) were I’ll have a look for you. Cheers.

  1. Also having problems with the Guess-the-google game. tried to play it about a dozen games and it seems to freeze sometimes between levels. I haven’t managed to play it all the way through despite numerous attempts. Hope you get it fixed since it’s an awesome idea and i enjoyed playing the levels i could.

  2. Also, this multitouch wouldn’t work for fps games. you’d have your left hand on wasd while your right would be straight underneath that clicking the left side of the pad

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