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Montage a Google SEO


Montage a google SEO is a simple web app developped by Grant.Robinson , which uses Google image search of to produce a graph editing images google , based on written keywords by the user. In summary, this is creating a pretty picture , google image made ​​from a keyword. It's asser awesome , fun, completely unnecessary but absolutely necessary !!

The " Montage- a- google" can also be used to create images or even original wallpapers !

About SEO on google

Montage-a-google is a fun tool that lets you create large, colourful montages using Google's image search. Not only is it an interesting way of browsing the net, it can also be used to create desktop pictures or even posters.

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Please note: Although Montage-a-google uses images retrieved using Google's image search it is in no way associated with or endorsed by Google Inc.

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"I am intrigued by the social commentary this could have on different topics.  It would be interesting to see what this search could reveal over time about a given topic.  For example, being in the United States I was very interested in the meaning of searches like 9/11, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.  I also did searches on Islam and Christianity.  It gives me ways of think about ideas that I did not have before.  Why do we view things the way that we do? What does randomness have to do with our views? Good luck and thank you for providing the world with this provocative tool. " - Tina.

"I thought a hint that you might want to give folks on viewing examples of montages created through your site is that people could put 'montage-a-google' as a keyword into the search. Then they could see ever-changing examples that Google finds.  A montage of montages so to speak.": More here : Livres SEO